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Anamaya Resort | Montezuma, Costa Rica
November 2-9, 2024




We're off to Anamaya, a life-changing health & wellness resort in Montezuma, Costa Rica.

IMAGINE: twice daily yoga / workshops on a deck overlooking the ocean, 3 organic gourmet meals a day, luxurious spa services, once in a lifetime excursions, a day trip to Santa Teresa Beach and plenty of time to relax, rejuvenate and restore.

Anamaya is nestled in the jungle, overlooking breathtaking ocean views. They are a place to de-stress, and rejuvenate body, mind and soul.


And it gets better, Anamaya is on the Nicoya Peninsula which is one of five Blue Zones in the world. A blue zone is an area with the most centenarians and is considered one of the happiest and healthiest places in the world! Blue Zones support harmony of the mind, body & soul making it the PERFECT place to retreat!

Anamaya Resort has also been featured in and recommended by: Forbes, Elle, Independent, Smarter Travel, Fashion, and more!


It's all set & we'd love to have you join!

Hi, I'm Carole

Founder of Free Spirited Wanderer; Yoga & Wellness Retreats
+ Lifestyle Coaching. 


My goal on all of my yoga retreats is to create an atmosphere where everyone feels safe to show up as their truest, most authentic selves.

FSW retreats value KULA; intentional community, the feeling that life is best when shared. I aim to bring people together where they can connect, share in transformational practices and build lifelong friendships. These are super sacred spaces with an opportunity for everyone to come together to support, uplift and empower each other. 

My prayer for you is that these retreats help prepare you for your lifetime; providing you with a space to become the fullest expression of yourself so you can live your life so big, so beautiful and so bold. 

About this retreat:

This 7 night / 8 day yoga & wellness retreat is all about balancing out adventure, self-exploration and R&R for the perfect retreat experience.

We will feed our adventurous soul through excursions such as, surfing, canopy ziplining, waterfall hiking, ATV's and arm balance / inversion workshops that will encourage you to take a leap and have some fun. 


Self-exploration will be a theme through all yoga classes; where you will be given a space to dive deep within, pull back that layers and meet your true self. This part is never easy, but oh man, is it worth it!


As for the R&R, every class ends with a highly deserved savasana in order to integrate the practice - and let's not forget about the amazing onsite infinity pool, quiet grounds and nearby beach so you can unwind, decompress and allow your stress to dissipate as inner peace  takes over. 

The location alone provides the perfect place to balance all three of these. On top of that, Carole, is a fellow adventurer, self-exploration-er, and has learned after many years, how valuable rest truly is. 

Carole will guide you through this retreat from her own life-experience, deep studies & personal practice of yoga philosophy, Asana, Ayurveda and Lifestyle Coaching.


You will leave this retreat feeling LIMITLESS, EMPOWERED, JOYOUS, FREE and with a fresh outlook on your life. You will also develop a better understanding of how to take yoga off the mat and into your everyday in order to live with more meaning and fulfillment in alignment with your truest, most authentic self.




A newfound appreciation for rest, relaxation & and the ability to just 'be'; a deeper understanding that rest must be held equally in value to the amount that we "do" or "give" to ourselves and others for optimal health, wellness & success.


New insights on how to take yoga off the mat and into your daily life, enabling you to create a lifestyle that brings more health, happiness, meaning & fulfillment to your soul.


A trip of a lifetime; 7 nights in the Costa Rican jungle, also just steps from the beaches, excursions, plenty of time to 'try something new', gourmet meals, a variety of yoga classes & workshops, new lifelong friends - all created and planned for you! All you have to do is get yourself to Costa Rica, and come with an open mind, heart and be ready to receive the benefits that this retreat will reap, during your stay and many years to come. 


(Everything you see here is included in the prices listed under accommodations.)










  • Flights

  • Travel Insurance

  • Passport fees

  • Transportation to and from Anamaya 

  • Alcohol + additional meals


Anamaya Resort has been featured in and recommended by:

Forbes, Elle, Independent, Smarter Travel, Fashion, and more!


anamaya view.jpeg

The main house is where our guests collect for meals, cooking classes, to snoop in our gift shop, or chat with a friend in our conversation pit. The upper yoga deck and the pool are located at the main house, and it’s the heart of Anamaya.


Anamaya Resort Beach Montezuma Hotels Yoga By Costa Rican Travel And Surf (1).png

Anamaya means health or to be free of disease in Sanskrit, and our brilliant chefs and cooking staff are dedicated to creating tasty and healthy meals. All our food is gluten free, and although we do serve fish and chicken – we also have vegetarian and vegan options.



Witness the epic views from Anamaya’s sky-high yoga decks. Our guests tell us that our yoga decks are the number one reason they came to Anamaya – to practice yoga overlooking our incredible views.



Having a picture taken at our pool is so coveted by our guests, it’s become one of the most popular social media profile pictures. Our pool has also been featured in most of the press we’ve received over the years. It’s warm enough to swim in all year, and it sits on the corner of a bluff high above the ocean and jungle below



Our spa is one of the true gems of Anamaya. Our experienced therapists offer our guests the most luxurious treatments and premium health services including a variety of massages, facials, body scrubs, reiki and cranial sacral sessions, watsu, and more.



We have something for everyone in order to customize your stay at Anamaya. Surfing lessons, horseback riding, waterfall hiking, zip-lining, and more. Experience everything Anamaya and Costa Rica have to offer. There’s a reason it’s called the happiest place on earth!



The famous Montezuma Falls is only a 5-minute walk from Anamaya. There are three separate waterfalls in total, and our guests enjoy the swimming holes and rope swings. All rivers in Costa Rica are considered public land so you can hike up the falls and enjoy the natural beauty.



We are blessed with some amazing beaches near Anamaya, located in Montezuma, Cabuya, Mal Pais and Santa Teresa. We also have a beach excursion that many of our guests say is one of the highlights of their stay with us.



Costa Rica is an animal lovers dream! There are a variety of monkeys, exotic birds, whales, turtles, butterflies, sloths, frogs, iguanas and more. Costa Rica has such an impressive array of wildlife that we can guarantee you will have many opportunities to see the animals who share the jungle with us.



A 10-minute drive from Anamaya is our farm Rancho Delicioso where we grow a lot of the food that our restaurant uses to cook our delicious meals. We also have a permaculture program that we offer at the farm, and many people love to host their own retreats at our farm as well.


Above the Clouds


  • Fly into SJO the morning of Nov. 2 (I always take the first flight out in case of any travel delays or cancellations I have a better chance of getting on another flight that day)

  • You will also want to book a domestic flight from SJO to Tambor with Green Airways. This is a short 20 minute, beautiful flight which runs multiple times a day. ($99-150 depending on luggage)

  • Transportation from Tambor airport to Anamaya (40 min drive) will be organized for you based on your arrival time.

  • **Please note cost of ground transportation is not included. The cost starts at $40pp and will depend on how many people are traveling together, 



7:30-9:00am: Morning Yoga

9:15am: Breakfast 

10:00-11:00am: Coffee Chat Q&A

11:00-5:30pm: Free Time (perfect for an excursion, spa treatment, pool, exploring, shopping, reading, resting or Svadhyaya (self-study)) 

1:00pm: Lunch

5:00pm: Light Snack

5:30-6:30pm: Yoga Class or Workshop

7:00pm: Dinner 

8:00pm: Wind down; connect with others, read, journal, relax...


I had the most incredible time at Carole's retreat in Costa Rica.  The resort we stayed at (Anamaya) is spectacular and the food was excellent. There was plenty of yoga, workshops etc but balanced with enough downtime to enjoy the property and local surroundings. Carole is an incredible skilled and wise teacher, and enlightened us with so much during her workshops. I really enjoyed the variety of yoga and left retreat feeling refreshed. I hope to join another retreat the future and have already recommended them to friends back home!

 Lindsay Nemeth

Toronto, Canada

This was my first experience with Carole and FreeSpiritedWanderer. Before the trip Carole was always willing to answer questions I had and helped tremendously in my preparations for an extended trip beyond the retreat. Being in Carole’s presence was truly a treat. She is so warm and welcoming. She shared so freely of her knowledge and was very encouraging the whole time which led to me pushing myself to achieve more than I typically do during my practices. Both packets Carole shared with us (prep and follow up) were extremely thorough and full of helpful information for the retreat as well as to assist in implementing life changes to carry the retreat home with me.

 Chiquita Kennedy 

Washington D.C

The Costa Rica retreat was truly unforgettable! The resort was in a perfect location on the peninsula with gorgeous yoga spaces. Very serene. The resort staff was so friendly, food was fresh and delicious and the spa services were some of the best, most unique services I have had. Carole really is the one that made this the BEST yoga retreat I have been on. She was so organized from start to finish with reserving my spot, helping me make transportation plans, etc. She had a well thought out daily yoga / activity schedule offering different yoga classes every day… hatha, ashtanga, power etc. I loved the variety. She incorporated group chats and aureveyda workshops, intuitive dance, etc. also.  We were all encouraged to attend but you could also take time for yourself. I was a solo traveler and felt very comfortable at the resort and with the friendly group at the retreat. I will definitely go on another retreat with Carole again! Top notch all the way around.

Karen Vey 

North Carolina

I highly recommend finding time to get away and make that time a positive personal journey. A yoga retreat for me was a perfect way to get that personal and reflective time I needed. Joining my daughter and taking the yoga retreat with yoga instructor Carole Frey was an excellent choice. Having a beautiful resort with great food and wonderful accommodations and staff was wonderful. However, without Carole’s organization and implementation of the whole retreat it would not have been as lovely an experience as it was for me. Outings, yoga classes, workshops, etc. all ran smoothly and bringing so many people from different walks of life together was impressive. Attending an international yoga retreat can feel a little intimidating but not with the right organizer. Carole made me feel very relax and comfortable while abroad in Costa Rica and I feel that is important when deciding to commit to an international retreat. When your ready to finally make and take the time for your own personal enrichment, you love yoga, and you want to have someone guide you through your journey, go with the Free Spirited Wander, Carole Frey! You won’t regret it!
Leslie Villegas
Atlanta, Georgia

This was my first yoga retreat, so I didn't exactly have any idea what to expect. But I came away with such a deep sense of contentment, wholeness. Apart from the reason alone to travel - especially to a country as beautiful as Costa Rica - the benefits of the week FSW put together for us were incredible. Yoga, in a few different forms, twice a day or a workshop to round out the actual physical practice. But I genuinely love that it is a no pressure, warm environment. Carole means it when she says 'the retreat is yours to make what you want'. We had ample free time to explore the area, enjoy solitude & be comfortable with the self, socialize with the other attendees as much or as little as wanted, attend or not attend all of the sessions that bookended each day. I think that approach was amazing - you don't want to feel obligated to practice yoga, or coffee chat, or workshop. You could plug into whatever portion of the daily schedule that spoke to you; not unstructured, but just freeing. I came away feeling so relaxed, open, and grounded.

Jocelyn Gutierrez

Charlotte, North Carolina

Carole definitely over-delivered and lead this retreat from a place of experience and compassion. She is wise beyond her years and I always feel fully supported in her presence. Carole’s extensive training, knowledge and life experiences shine through in everything she teaches. Carole shows up for her students as a friend, an equal and a wise and humble teacher. Her authenticity inspires me to live my life from a place of acceptance and confidence too. Carole is a beautiful soul both inside and out and I don’t believe this retreat would have been as meaningful for me if it weren’t for her. I plan on implementing many of the practices she taught us and am excited to see where the next chapter of my life takes me.
Cindy Boes
North Carolina

The Booking Process



Explore all accommodation options below, choose which one you desire, and select "book now" to be directed to check out.
All prices under accommodations reflect 'What's Included' from above.

**If you have any questions on which room will best suit you, please use the chat feature below.



Upon selecting your accommodation, you will be directed to the check out page. Fill in your contact details and please do not forget to complete the Online Registration. You will see the total price for your accommodation; however, you will only be prompted to pay your $825 non-refundable deposit at this time.

**Please double check that your email is correct in order to receive all onboarding items with ease.



After completing your deposit and registration, you will receive a confirmation email along with your welcome packet. Within 24 hours, your invoice for the final balance with its due date will be sent to your registration email. Lastly, you will receive a separate email with an invite to Notion, our retreat hub. This contains all current need-to-know items to help you stay organized and best prepare for your upcoming FSW retreat! 

A Few Things To Note:

  • Early Bird Pricing (saves $200); Pay in full by August 1, 2024 to be eligible for early bird pricing.

  • Regular Pricing; Pay your $825 non-refundable August 2, 2024 or after and the balance by September 1, 2024 to be eligible. 

  • Any sign ups after September 1, 2024 must be paid in full upon registration.

  • All Pricing is per person.

  • The following prices reflect "What's Included" from above.





Enjoy the beauty of the rainforest and the comforts of a refuge in charming private cabinas in Montezuma.

Our rooms/cabinas are elegantly designed with every detail focusing on protecting the environment. Most of our rooms have breathtaking ocean views and we are proud to have used non-toxic building materials, organic fabrics, and local artisans to complete our stylish and intimate accommodations.

All of our rooms have ceiling fans, air conditioning, and wonderful organic cotton or bamboo sheets.

**Please click 'Read More' to see each individual room description and photos.

**All pricing is per person.

**All current pricing is EARLY BIRD PRICING.

Pay your $825 non-refundable deposit below to secure your desired accommodation. 

  • Private Accommodation | Sleeps 1

    Starts Nov 2, 2024

    3,695 US dollars

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  • Private Accommodation | Sleeps 1

    Starts Nov 2, 2024

    3,395 US dollars

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