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True Nature Retreat

The Great Smoky Mountains, TN
April 18-21, 2024
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This retreat will teach you how to align yourself with back-to-basics and natural approaches to healthy living through Yogic & Ayurvedic knowledge on philosophy, spirituality, meditation, daily routine, and food as medicine; helping you to return to your True Nature and thrive within your days.





This will be my sixth retreat with Seven Springs - I just can't stay away! It has become a favorite amongst my students due to its unique and special atmosphere. It is the perfect place to retreat if you are looking to get off the grid for a few days and reconnect with yourself, as well as some other incredible human beings. 

True Nature Retreat will consist of a variety of yoga practices, Ayurveda's approach to healthy living, workshops on and off the mat, intuitive dance, a cacao ceremony, hiking, healthy vegetarian meals, and ample free time. All of this is here to help you live your best life!

I am here to remind you through the teachings of Yoga & Ayurveda that you are powerful beyond all measure; you are the creator and director of your life, therefore you have the capacity to make changes when needed and become the version of yourself that you truly desire to become. This weekend will help you gain the tools and wisdom to return to this incredible power you already hold within.

Much love,


Carole the freespiritedwanderer