A 12 week journey inwards towards pleasure, purpose, prosperity and freedom in order to live a more fulfilling and authentic life.

This program is my life experiences, lessons, practices and teachings wrapped into one big, beautiful, bold container. 

It’s intimate, raw, and vulnerable 

yet filled with

incredible strength, resilience and empowerment.



Yoga You Can Trust

I first began teaching yoga in 2023, eager to share the beauty of this technique with others. Based in the San Francisco area, my intention as a professional Yoga Instructor is to help my clients listen to their inner selves and find the courage to step out of their comfort zone.

Just like playing an instrument, yoga teaches you to be present in the moment. I hope that my students experience the joy that this practice gives to me. Get in touch with me if you’re new to yoga or want to find out more.



If you are looking for a yoga teacher, life coach and are ready to change your life – look no further!

I recently completed a 6-week Ashtanga program with Carole and it was life changing! When I decided to do this program, I told Carole that I was looking for a practice that I could do every day. I also wanted more mental stability from the anxiety I was experiencing in my life. I had worked with Carole before and attended many classes at Melting Point, I had made yoga a priority and that was a turning point in my life for me. Something still felt like it was missing, like I wasn’t able or ready to embrace all that yoga had to offer and what it truly meant to practice yoga.

I am a busy mama of 2, working full time from home with my husband who also works full time. Our schedules are crazy, and Carole was so accommodating to what worked for us. I opted to have her come to the house to work with me, which was a 30-minute drive for her each way. Carole was never late! In fact, she usually arrived early and if we went over our 1-hour time slot and she felt I needed more from her, she would stay and make sure I received the time that I needed that day. This is what I mean by Carole is intentional. It wasn’t about the time we were spending together; it was about making sure her student felt fulfilled and ready for the next step in Ashtanga.

Within 1 week of working with Carole, I could feel a change within myself from the inside to the outside. My anxiety started to settle itself, I was at least able to talk myself down from an anxiety attack and follow breathe work that supported my nervous system. Once my body opened to Ashtanga and I was able to really do all of the binds and inversions, my whole attitude/outlook changed on a daily basis. I wake up excited to embrace the day and have zero fear of the possible anxiety I might meet during my day because I know I have control over my mind now. I have a more ‘go with the flow and accept things for how they are’ approach to life now, that is what these 6 weeks have done for me!

Carole made it easy to embrace this program and yoga as a healing tool, not just exercise. Carole is so intentional and present with her time. Whether it was counting out Sun Salutations or Navasana for me while I focused on my breathe or it was a hands-on assist that my body completely needed and accepted – Carole was there to support me. Every phone call, every text, every time I needed her reassurance or her acceptance or her motivation, she showed up for me! I can’t brag enough about Carole as a teacher, coach and yoga instructor. 

Carole didn’t just make my physical Ashtanga practice a priority to her, she made my spiritual and mental yoga practice a priority as well. Within the 6 weeks, we studied Ashtanga full primary series, 8 limbs of yoga, Ayurveda, meditation and breathe work. I realized quickly that all of these go hand in hand in a yoga practice. Once I released my ego and allowed myself to embrace all Carole had to offer and her coaching, my life began to flourish in every way.

Just like I chose to invest my money in Carole, she invested herself in me and in return changed not only my physical practice but changed me as a person! When I reflect on these 6 weeks, I feel so much fulfillment and gratitude. I feel proud of myself because I completed a training that is physically demanding but more than that, mentally and spiritually demanding – and I showed up for myself every day! None of this was possible without Carole. I tried for many years to create a yoga practice and breath work practice for myself, nothing seemed to stick for me until I invested my time and money in Carole & Ashtanga.

Carole believes in badass women doing badass things, she believes in all living beings and embraces all cultures and people – she will inspire you to be better and work harder! Not only do I have a physical yoga practice that is kick ass, but I have a heart, mind and soul that know how to flow with me now too.

Thank you, Carole Frey, the freespiritedwanderer for leading me and guiding me. I couldn’t be more grateful for our time together and look forward to growing more under your teachings!

Jami Hayes

I met Carole several years ago when I started practicing yoga again in my 40s. Immediately, I knew her abilities as a teacher were special. I found myself searching her classes out, all over town. Carole has a way of connecting with each of her students, even in large classes. Her Ashtanga practice, teaching experience and knowledge of the human body equip her to instinctively know what my body wants to do, and may be willing to do, even when I am not! She consistently offers just the right amount of encouragement for steady progress. Her physical assists are perfect, and her verbal cueing is impeccable. I love the way she says when leading through a certain posture, “maybe one day bringing your torso between your legs,” which helps me see where the posture can be with continued practice. Carole has a gift for teaching and I highly recommend joining her!

Sarah Rynne

Being a dedicated 'power class ' yogi for the the last 12 years, I have visited many, many studios around the Charlotte/Concord area always in search of the right fit for me.  I happen to find Melting Point through a very close friend that was a previous instructor at this studio.  Being new to Melting Point, I of course tried many different classes and instructors.  I found my class and teacher "home" after I took my first class with Carole.  Her teaching style is about alignment, strength, encouragement, experience, growth and warmth.  Not to mention, I have always loved her diverse range of tunes during class. I have absolutely enjoyed getting to know Carole over the last two years and would always recommend her class to any yogi that is looking to grow their practice and their learning of the amazing practice of yoga.

Ann Platts