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1:1 women's lifestyle coaching

A 12 week journey inwards towards pleasure, purpose, prosperity and freedom in order to live a more fulfilling and authentic life.

This program is my life experiences, lessons, practices and teachings wrapped into one big, beautiful, bold container. 

It’s intimate, raw, and vulnerable 

yet filled with incredible strength, resilience and empowerment.



A 5 week journey inwards towards true authenticity in order to live a more meaningful & fulfilling life.

A 1:1 or group course bringing like-hearted women together, while each individual also has the opportunity to deep dive into their own life journey and begin to create the life they truly desire. 


of Authentic Feminine Mastermind

💫"My AFM experience was wonderful and eye opening! I was able to connect with amazing and empowering women, a very supportive and positive group. Carole provided us with different tools and ways to look more inward. During AFM I was able to learn to be more patient with myself, love myself and embrace myself in a stronger and more empowering way. Sparkling experience! Thank you Carole for the love, support and the encouragement as I continue to explore and grow as a boss and queen!"

💫"Step into your inner goddess with this course! Regardless of where you are on your spiritual path, Carole will illuminate you to new insights and paths that will lead to breakthroughs."

💫"It is crazy how much my mindset has changed over this course. How much love and acceptance I have for myself. Having so many tools and practices for growth, getting clear on the person I want to become. Everyone talks about self love but it is very challenging and having the support and tools on how to open up to all the parts of yourself is truly life changing! So happy I did this<3"

💫”This program has changed my life and you have to know that you are giving me the coping tools to deal with one of the most difficult years being in business since 1995.”

💫”Moksha module hit. Every. Note. Have replayed it a few times. Tons to think about, it’s captivating.”

💫”Carole, this Purpose module is incredible and actually why I intrinsically took this course without "knowing" it would be part of the curriculum.  I appreciate the new concepts offered (ie the human design) and look forward to chatting on this in more depth tomorrow night!”

💫”I'm celebrating putting myself first again! I'm finally taking charge of ME again (my health, wellness, and passions) for the first time in a couple of years. How can you pour into others if you can't pour into yourself?! Am I right?!”

💫”Once a week, I’ve been scheduling what I want and it’s been life changing.”

💫 “I have to tell you now, with the work on the modules and the journaling, things are going so much better this year!! Probably my most intense work here today but I feel so much better taking time to rest. I am so much more organized and then I was. I was worried adding time in my office just working on the modules and myself that I would not have time to finish my workday. It is exactly the opposite. I scheduled time in my office and it has made me more organized during the rest of the week.”

💫 “I have gotten such beautiful life things from this course!”

💫I” feel so much more organized and have much more free time. I also find myself much more calm.”

💫”It’s beautiful and amazing information that I am using to explore who I am and who I want to be. It’s been meaningful education and work.”

💫 “I’ve been doing a lot of journaling recently, I am really happy with where I am right now.”

💫”I have learned that I am meant to be on this spiritual journey. I want to be surrounded by like minded women!”

💫”The reinforcement of like attracts like has been a huge takeaway for me. The more love and gratitude I offer, the more comes around. The more consistent I am in my practices, the more I want them but also the better I feel overall.”

💫”I am so excited that I finally have my dream job and I am thankful to the universe for allowing some opportunities and jobs to not work out for me so that I could see where I really want to be!!! I feel so blessed and extremely excited for this opportunity. I’m SO happy.”

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