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Bhakti Yoga Retreat

Kathmandu & Pokhara, Nepal
September 19-29, 2023

B H A K T I //  Union of love + devotion

Y O G A // Union of body, mind, soul and spirit

The practice of bhakti allows you to peer into your true nature and remember who you are through acts of discipline, dedication and devotion - guiding you to lovingly see the divine in all, and give your life new meaning + purpose.

Plus, the peaceful & spiritual atmosphere of Nepal gives you a chance to recall what truly matters in your life and offers you a space to integrate that, enabling you to come home with a new outlook on your life.

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A Note From Carole

This is a welcome I knew I would be writing one day, and I am so ecstatic as this moment is now.  Nepal is my favorite place on earth and where I completed my first 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2014. 

There is not a day that goes by where I don't think of this place and the experience I had - it's a huge part of who I am as a yoga student, teacher and human being.


And now, I am bringing all of you back to the exact space where I did my training, Hotel Tulsi in Pokhara, Nepal. Thinking of the energy this space holds brings life into my being. Students from all over the world have come here to learn and practice yoga in the spiritual setting of Pokhara, Nepal.

This is where it all began for me, the first few steps of making my way into a life led by my Dharma, the love and gratitude my heart holds for this is unlike anything. 

Therefore, this retreat will be unlike anything I have ever led - it will be a deep dive into the spiritual practice of yoga, truly going back to its original roots.

I've been dreaming up this retreat for eight years now, intentionally planning out the classes, sightseeing destinations, who I want involved, and the magic I want to share. 

I thank you for trusting me to guide you on this journey - I can promise you this trip will be a once in a lifetime experience, and you will come home feeling like never before, with a new outlook on your life. 

About The Practices:

A deeper look into the types of practices we will be embodying.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is described as a merging together of sun and moon, left and right, or the masculine and feminine principles of the body. The practices focus on mind, body and breath to create a very energetic and wholesome practice. Classes include Asana, Meditation, Pranayama and Kriyas.

Ashtanga Yoga

Eight Limbs

Kriya Yoga

Yoga of Action

Kriya yoga has three distinct actions, Tapas (spiritual discipline), Svadhyaya (self-study), and Ishvara pranidhana (devotion to supreme being). Kriya yoga encourages you to take your practice off the mat and into your daily life. It's about having the fire to transform, the courage to connect with your higher self and the devotion to something greater, guiding you towards a life of meaning, fulfillment, and love. 


Selfless Service

Seva (“say-vah”) Yoga is the Yoga of Selfless Service. As a practice, Seva stems from two branches of Yoga: Karma Yoga (Yoga of Action) and Bhakti Yoga (Devotion inspired by Divine Love). This is the idea of giving back without any expectation of receiving in return. Example: our time volunteering at the children's home is Seva Yoga.


The Knowledge of Life

Discipline of Force

Ashtanga Yoga is a set series of postures which we learn in a sequential order; each pose has their own benefit and helps to naturally unlock the body, preparing us for the next posture. The physical part of this practice creates strength and flexibility to realign and detoxify the body and nervous system. Mentally, we often hold ourselves back with negative and limited thinking habits, as we move through this practice we find discipline, focus and willpower allowing us to experience clarity and expand our thoughts into those that are positive and serve our highest good. On a subtle level this series clears the nadis (energy channels) in the body so prana (energy) can flow more freely, enabling us to work and move through our days more effectively. When we put all of this together we are allowing ourselves to heal from the inside out.

Ayurveda is Yoga's sister science also founded over 5,000 years ago. It  teaches us how to live our best possible life with back-to-basics and natural approaches to living through knowledge of philosophy, spirituality, meditation, daily routine and food as medicine. Achieving balance in all levels of being is the true measure of vibrant health.The “average” person does not exist. Every individual is a one of a kind and ayurveda teaches us to honor and support our true individual natures. We are taught to take personal responsibility for our own health.The overall goal of Ayurveda is to live a long, healthy and balanced life!

Sightseeing Destinations

A window into the culture of the land.


Thamel District
Kathmandu Nepal

Thamel District is probably one of the most popular places and things to do in Kathmandu for visitors. Here, you’ll find lots of eateries, little shops and places like the Garden of Dreams, a tranquil little nook off the main thoroughfare inside a pretty park.


Boudhanath Stupa
Kathmandu, Nepal

For hundreds of years, the Boudhanath Stupa ( a meditative monument) has stood as a beacon of Buddhist belief, towering over the surrounding town as a giant mandala of peace and beauty and also giant eyes. 

monkey temple.jpeg

Swayambhunath Monkey Temple
Kathmandu, Nepal

This is a workout, wildlife excursion, and spiritual escape all wrapped into one. Be prepared to huff and puff your way up 365 steep steps to meet some furry friends at this Nepali Buddhist site. Located atop a hill west of Kathmandu city, the Swayambhunath complex has been in use since the 5th century and consists of a magnificent domed stupa, as well as a variety of shrines and temples.


Peace Pagoda
Pokhara, Nepal


Pema Ts'al Sakya Monastic
Pokhara, Nepal


Himalayan Children's Care Home
Pokhara, Nepal

The World Peace Pagoda in Pokhara offers a lot more than just a stupa. It's a lake, a small trek and a mountain view. Add in some side trips and it's great little outing to do while in Pokhara.

Pema Ts’al Sakya Monastic Institute (aka Pema Ts’al Sakya Monastery) is a unique and beautiful place, situated on a quiet hilltop near Nepal’s famous Fewa Lake and in front of the Fishtail Mountain.

We will spend a half day volunteering at the children's home as part of our Seva Yoga (selfless service).



Hi, I am Krishna Gauli. I am 28 years old and I am a tour and trekking guide. Being born and brought up in the lap of Himalaya I can proudly say I have visited most of the mountains of Nepal . I am certified government guide . Not only trekking I am also tour guide and have a good knowledge about ancient history about Nepal . Traveling with me will always be fun because I will give my 100% to the customer.


Krishna and I met during my trip to Nepal and he quickly felt like family. There is no one else I would rather have than Krishna to guide us through our cultural destinations. 



I fell in love  with Pokhara, Nepal in 2014 during my first  200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training which I completed right at Hotel Tulsi!

I am so excited to share with you the lifestyle; the people, food, culture, pace of life, beauty and spirituality which all made me feel at home and exactly where I was meant to be. 

There is no better place in the world to embark on this your next yoga journey, and I guarantee you will leave feeling a deep sense of purpose and self-fulfillment.

nepali food.jpeg


From Authentic Nepali cuisine to continentals, experience the taste from our master chefs.

“We believe that no dish can be better than its ingredients, and that the best ingredients are usually local. As great cooking starts with great ingredients, great ingredients start with great farmers”

- Hotel Tulsi




STEAMED MOMO | Chicken / Mutton / Veg Dumpling

PANEER PAKODA | Indian cottage cheese

BBQ FISH | Local fish from our own farm

SEKUWA | Chicken / Pork / Mutton



NEPALI THALI SET |  Chicken / Mutton / Fish

BUTTER MASALA | Vegetable / Chicken

PORK TAWA | Grilled pork in Nepali style

BIRYANI | Mutton / Chicken / Veg


(Everything you see here is included in the prices listed under accommodations.)



We will spend two nights in Kathmandu and 8 nights in Pokhara, with one night being at a hotel on top of Sarangkot mountain.


nepal flight.jpeg

After our two nights in Kathmandu, we will head to Pokhara via a short 30 minute flight which will be included in your existing rate! *Please note there is no departure transportation included.



All yoga practice descriptions can be found above.


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Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be included on this trip and will consist of traditional Nepali Cuisine.



Sarangkot has my favorite views of all time. We will take a 3 mile hike to the top, stay in a hotel for one night, and the following morning we will take a short hike to the very top for sunrise yoga with endless views of the himalayas and valleys.


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One of the beauties of Nepal lies within it's spirituality & culture. We will visit temples, monasteries, peace pagodas and so much more. *Explore all detinations above.


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Free time to relax at a local cafe and sip tea while reading or journaling, or perhaps walk around the local shops, head to Lake Phewa or partake in one of the incredible excurisions Pokhara has to offer.








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