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I met Carole several years ago when I started practicing yoga again in my 40s. Immediately, I knew her abilities as a teacher were special. I found myself searching her classes out, all over town. Carole has a way of connecting with each of her students, even in large classes. Her Ashtanga practice, teaching experience and knowledge of the human body equip her to instinctively know what my body wants to do, and may be willing to do, even when I am not! She consistently offers just the right amount of encouragement for steady progress. Her physical assists are perfect, and her verbal cueing is impeccable. I love the way she says when leading through a certain posture, “maybe one day bringing your torso between your legs,” which helps me see where the posture can be with continued practice. Carole has a gift for teaching and I highly recommend joining her!

Sarah Rynne
Attends daily studio classes

My daughter and I have been on two of Carole Frey’s yoga retreats and they were wonderful experiences.  Carole is an incredible instructor and teacher, and the retreats really helped both of us expand our yoga practices, physically as well as mentally.  The retreats were both in unique and beautiful locations, with plenty of outdoor space for practicing and exploring.  Carole was very well organized and her teaching included diverse yoga practices, breathing techniques, and classes on yoga philosophy and history.  We made a lot of new friends and it really built a sense of community among the attendees and within our yoga studio.  I highly recommend Carole Frey’s yoga retreats to anyone, whether they are a beginner looking to learn more about yoga or an experienced yogi who wants to further their practice.

John Harris
Attended Willow Falls Yoga Retreat 2018, The Journey of You Yoga Retreat 2019

I have been a student of Carole’s for 2-1/2 years! Her passion for sharing Yoga is what drew me in to begin my Yoga practice. Every practice she comes with a purpose and a message, I keep coming back. 😀

Carole’s retreats are AMAZING, I have participated in 2 retreats. She brings her PASSION, PURPOSE and MESSAGE much wider and deeper. Everybody gets filled and leaves feeling renewed and perhaps knowing themselves a little better. In addition friendships are made. Her “MM” Scotty is in the background making sure everything goes well. 

I highly recommend experiencing Carole’s retreats! And if living in the Charlotte area taking her classes. 

Wade Nyquist
Attends daily studio classes, workshops, Willow Falls Retreat 2019 and True Nature Retreat at Seven Springs 2020

Being a dedicated 'power class ' yogi for the the last 12 years, I have visited many, many studios around the Charlotte/Concord area always in search of the right fit for me.  I happen to find Melting Point through a very close friend that was a previous instructor at this studio.  Being new to Melting Point, I of course tried many different classes and instructors.  I found my class and teacher "home" after I took my first class with Carole.  Her teaching style is about alignment, strength, encouragement, experience, growth and warmth.  Not to mention, I have always loved her diverse range of tunes during class. I have absolutely enjoyed getting to know Carole over the last two years and would always recommend her class to any yogi that is looking to grow their practice and their learning of the amazing practice of yoga.

Anne Platts

Attends daily studio classes

Carole’s yoga retreats have been such a wonderful experience and getaway! The retreats offer so much more than yoga; such great company and activity. I should know as I’m trying to make my fourth in as many years. Carole has such a great way pulling together an itinerary that flows yet doesn’t feel too packed. Great yoga and related education coupled with great food and other non-yoga activities in a setting that’s been both fun and relaxing. I appreciate what you do Carole!

Michael Strange 
Attended Hot Springs Yoga Retreat 2017, Willow Falls Yoga Retreat 2018, The Journey of You Yoga Retreat 2019

For me, this retreat was perfect and I felt better leaving there; tired but strong and motivated! The schedule was packed in but thoughtfully. The fire ceremonies were great and offered a rest. All of the classes were so different and I got so much out of them. But it's not for the faint of heart! I also think it was a great amount of people and offered diversity. The food was amazing and exploring the property was cool too. I also liked the idea of a off campus hike and swim! I would definitely recommend Carole's retreats!

Sarah Ethier
Attended The Journey of You Yoga Retreat 2019

My best advice is to go to a yoga retreat. I had a beautiful time.  Carole worked tirelessly to bring together a truly exceptional and affirming experience. You get to go to an awesome place, do some yoga, have some free time to do any activities your heart desires, eat amazing home cooked meals with great new friends.

Danielle Jones 
Attended Willow Falls Yoga Retreat 2018