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Why I chose to step into coaching and brand myself as a lifestyle coach.

Value & Belief #1) Coaching was a way I could take yoga off the mat and share more than just the asana.

It would provide a space for others to dive deeper into the Philosophy, ancient & modern teachings, Ayurveda (yoga’s sister science) and understand how to bring the practice into their daily life so they can thrive.

As for the ‘Lifestyle Coach’, I’ve always seen yoga as a lifestyle.

It’s not something we do but rather a way of living which entails how we show up in the world for ourself and others.

All of my coaching program’s values, intentions and beliefs are rooted in ancient & modern Yogic & Ayurvedic teachings.

It is with great joy and honor that I share these teachings in different coaching containers.

Value & Belief #2) I’ve always wanted to create a space for like-hearted women to come together where they could be seen, heard, supported, empowered and feel safe to show up as their truest, most authentic self by one another. #babessupportingbabes


Because, I didn’t grow up with a space like this.

I grew up with a society that taught

showing emotion was bad,

being quiet was right,

dreams were unrealistic,

you had to look, feel or do things a certain way to be ‘successful’

and the best thing to do was to just go along with it.

{can I get a fck thaaaat?!}

I also saw unnecessary competition,

women being pinned against one another,

girls calling other girls awful names,

And even ‘mentorships’ where women were putting themselves into a place of power that wasn’t uplifting, encouraging or paving a path to inspire others of what could be done.

And rather than community being built;

there was isolation, fear, insecurities and a lack of purpose & direction which was dictating their thoughts, speech and actions.

I am here today, doing what I do, being who I am, because I believe in this revolution of women taking up more space in this world and courageously, confidently owning that space in their truest, most authentic form.

Because we need this revolution,

we need something to believe in,

we need a future that is full of hope, love, joy, big dreams and humans living lives with more meaning, fulfillment and the ability to THRIVE.

I believe in creating our own lifestyles in alignment with the highest expression of ourselves who show up everyday for themselves but also for the benefit of ALL.

My lifestyle coaching is an effort to expand this revolution and bring women together where they can get grounded, clear, courageous, confident and stand in their personal power so they can ultimately move through life with more love, joy and that ability to embody their next level self where they can truly thrive and others can’t help but feel better in their presence.

If you feel this deep within your soul, please join me for a coaching program or women's retreat. All program are listed under my "Coaching" within my website and women's retreats are listed under "Retreats".

I would be SO honored to guide you on this journey towards discovering the truth of who you are as well as the clarity & courage on how to create and live your best life, through ancient & modern technologies of yoga & coaching.


Carole the Free Spirited Wanderer

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