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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Yoga Retreat

1.The Teacher

To me, this is the most important aspect to consider. Who is leading and/or teaching the retreat?  What yoga teacher training(s) have they completed? What other applicable credentials do they have? What is their experience within teaching and leading retreats? What style of yoga do they practice and teach? What are their values as a yoga teacher? Is this someone you want to spend time with?  When it comes down to it, make sure you feel a connection to this person, the experience they will offer, and believe they will provide a space for you to receive what you are looking for.  

2. Value

Rather than only looking at the cost, look at the value. This is what really matters and will help you decide if this is a good investment. Take note of what is included (look at this closely), the type of pre and post support you will receive, the teacher / leader's experience, trainings, and class / workshop offerings. Remember, your investment is about the value received, not just the amount you spend. 

3. Venue

While people weigh heavily on the location of a retreat, you also want to research the venue. Ideal yoga retreat venues are serene and spacious, offering a blend of nature and comfort. Accommodations should be comfortable, facilities well-equipped, spaces conducive to yoga and meditation, an experienced staff with above and beyond customer service, great food quality, and are highly organized. A great venue enhances the overall retreat experience. Ask yourself what is essential when staying at a retreat venue and find something that aligns with that. 

4. Schedule

Yoga retreats offer diverse scheduling formats. Some retreats make all classes mandatory, others allow you to choose what you attend. Some provide ample free time, others have full schedules. Some provide excursions and activities off-site, while others do not. Think about: how many times of day are you looking to practice yoga, and what style do you wish to practice? What type of workshops do you want to dive into? How much free time do you want? Do you want an opportunity to explore the local area and participate in excursions / activities? Do you want a focus on community building? What type of experience are you seeking? Knowing what to expect within the retreat schedule is an important element of your desired retreat experience.  

5. Personal goals

Individual goals at yoga retreats vary, but common aims include deepening yoga practice on and off the mat, enhancing mindfulness, fostering personal growth, making life-long friendships, and experiencing new culture. Notice if the retreat you are looking into provides a space for you to cultivate your personal goals, and help you step onto your right path. 


There are MANY yoga retreats out there today, all over the world, with all types of offerings. Be clear on what you are looking for and make sure the retreat is in alignment with your heart’s desires. If there is not enough information on the retreat for you to make a decision, reach out to learn more. When booking a retreat, you want to feel excited.

If you'd like to learn more about th, listen to Episode 35 of Free Your Spirit Podcast where I expand on each item to consider when choosing a yoga retreat.

Much love,

Carole Frey Keefer

Founder of Free Spirited Wanderer



🍇 Le Marche, Italy; June 8-15, 2024

☀️ Olhão, Portugal; June 19-24, 2024

🦙 Cusco, Peru: Aug. 1-7, 2024

⛰️ Stowe, VT; Sept. 23-27, 2024

🌊 Montezuma, Costa Rica; Nov. 2-9, 2024

💃 Tulum, MX; Feb. 14-19, 2025

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