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Uplevel your life with these 'midday wellness breaks'

The last couple of months I’ve been challenging myself to have what I like to call a: 'midday wellness break', where I pause in the middle of my day to tend to my body, mind, and spirit. My main Sadhana (conscious daily practice) is done early in the morning; Ashtanga Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation. For many years I created a story "if I don't do my practices in the morning I won't do them at all" and this became my reality. I would find myself not tending to any of my practices if I missed them in the morning due to being "too busy" to do them any other time of the day. Or, I would be too tired at the end of Ashtanga and continually skip my pranayama and meditation.

The other thing I found happening in my day was that I was working too many straight hours. I would forget to eat, go outside, get up from my desk, check my phone (not too upset about that one), or just take a minute for myself. This left me over-worked, exhausted, and lacking pleasure in my life.

I finally decided that between skipping some of my practices and not taking any breaks from working on my business, that something needed to change because this was simply no longer working for me. I decided to create a new story that I wanted to be my reality. I made it a priority to do my entire Sadhana and to take a break from work. This is where I felt inspired to create my 'midday wellness breaks' where I could simply come back home to myself to remember and feel that: "I matter."

This statement is a desire from the deepest part of my soul, and my midday wellness breaks became the action I needed to honor this very real desire.

I take my midday wellness breaks at least 3 times a week, for about 60 mins and anywhere from 12-3p depending on the day. Here's what they look like:


A 30 minute walk. This enables me to get outside for fresh air and sunshine, move energy through my body, and clear my mind.

  • If I am seeking pleasure, I play music.

  • If I am seeking education, I listen to a podcast

  • If I am seeking simplicity, I choose silence.


5-10 minutes of Pranayama // practices for breath control . Pranayama utilizes breathing practices to influence the flow of prana (universal life-force energy) within our pranamaya kosha (energetic body). Pranayama teaches us that our quality of breath is directly related to our quality of our mind, and a quality mind provides quality prana which lives inside of us rather than outside so we move through our days more effectively, efficiently, and with more purpose, love & joy.

  • If I am seeking passion, will-power, and an energizing energy, I practice Kapalabhati // skull shining breath

  • If I am seeking grounding, healing, and a calming energy, I practice Nadi Shodhana // alternate nostril breathing.

  • If I have more time, I love this 20min harmonizing and balancing pranayama sequence found here.


5-10 minutes of Meditation. Traditionally the physical practice of yoga was created so students could sit in meditation longer. Meditation calms and quiets the mind, reduces stress and anxiety, improves self-awareness and self-esteem, and helps us to cultivate a more compassionate and empowering relationship to ourselves, others, and the world around us.

  • If I am working deeply on my life, desires, and goals I practice my Tantric Manifestation Meditation to become the seer, feeler, and surrender and courageously get clear on what I want my life to look and feel like.

  • If I want to be guided, I use Monkify {use my referral code 'OZKLKL' to register} by Gaur Gopal Das, a hindu monk, life coach, motivational speaker, and the author of two of my favorite books: 'Life's Amazing Secrets' and 'Energize Your Mind'

  • If I want something simple, I sit in stillness and silence and follow the flow of my breath. I watch the flow of breath come through my nose on inhale, and watch it leave my nose on exhale. I repeat this process over and over until my mind feels quiet, my body still, and my overall wellbeing at ease. (guided meditation to come)


Nourishment. Proper food and drink is essential for our well-being and helps us to increase quality prana (universal life-force energy) within us so we move through our days healthier and happier. This nourishment can vary depending on what my day looks like or what time I take this break.

  • If I am snacking, I love whole grain bread with organic peanut butter, banana slices, hemp seeds, and sprinkled with cinnamon.

  • If I am having lunch, I love a salad or a wrap with a veggie burger, numerous veggies, avocado, and nuts / seeds with either an apple or chips (I am sucker for chips!).

  • If I just need to hydrate, I add my hydration BFF, Buoy into my drink of choice which at this time of day is typically fresh water, sparkling water, or kombucha. Buoy adds electrolytes, 87 ionic trace minerals, vitamins and antioxidants to any beverage. This has become one of the best ways I can easily tend to my well-being. Since adding Buoying into my days I notice that I have more energy, a more focused and sharp mind, clearer skin, and my entire systems simply feels hydrated.


Overall, this break is to tend to my own needs and remind myself that I matter. I notice that I actually accomplish more and feel increasingly organized, at ease, and in control of my life when I commit to this break due to the fact that I am taking better care of myself and nourishing my soul in a way it deeply craves.

MY TIP FOR YOU: Find a time of day and duration that you can slowly start to implement some of this into your day. If what I listed isn't exactly for you, I hope that this has inspired you to create something that is alignment with your own truth. My breaks are typically 60 minutes, which I had to work up to. If 60 minutes feels like too much or is too much with your schedule, start with 15 minutes.

Any amount of time you can give to yourself is fantastic. Remember, this needs to feel good for you. When we start off with the expectation of too much, we are more likely to drop off from our commitments. This is meant to be sustainable, enjoyable, and something that is encouraging you to connect with the highest version of yourself so you can show up and feel the way you truly desire to in your life. **Which means, this may not be easy, however, I can promise it is worth it.

Your life is the most valuable and precious thing you will ever own. When you remember that, and take action from that, you will thrive within your days.

Much love,

Carole the freespiritedwanderer

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