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How I Became a Morning Person

I found something to wake up for every damn day. 

Something that would help me overcome my self-imposed blockages and enable me to create new patterns that were of service to my Highest Self. 

Something that would provide challenges to help me realize my true potential and strengthen my relationship to myself, and in return the outside world.

Something that would enable me to walk through my days with purpose, and to feel full of life, guiding me towards inner wisdom.

In yoga, we call this Sadhana; “conscious spiritual practice in order to attain results.”

I found my Sadhana (the traditional practice of Ashtanga is part of mine, as seen here) and my life started to make more sense.

This realization, and the outcomes that have manifested into my life as a result of my Sadhana, is what enables me to get excited (this doesn’t mean it’s easy) about waking up in the morning; the opportunity to work on myself, to move through challenges and overcome limitations, to become the fullest expression of myself, and live my life in alignment with my purpose not only to serve myself, but all of humanity - is what it is all about.

This is how I became a morning person and never looked back because it changed the entire course of my days, and life. 

My piece of wisdom for you:

  1. Start by finding something worth waking up for every damn day; it can be something simple, yet make it meaningful.

  2. Open yourself up to the possibilities that can unfold as a result.

  3. Do it again, and again, and again - until it is so deeply a part of you that it becomes less of something you have to do, and more of something you desire and just are.

If you would like assistance in beginning and maintaining a morning routine, and moving through your days with deeper purpose, connection, and love then check out my self-paced online course: Fill Your Cup.

If you would like more personalized attention with 1:1 coaching calls, check out my Feminine Leadership Strategy Sessions.

Much love,

Carole Frey Keefer

Founder of Free Spirited Wanderer

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