Seven Springs Retreats; Maryville, TN

'The Great Smokey Mountains'

Thursday, June 2 - Sunday, June 5, 2022


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Cost Per Person: $545 - $995

(See specific pricing below in accommodations.) 

$250 non-refundable deposit due to secure your spot. 


- 3 nights / 4 days accommodations 

- All organic and vegetarian meals cooked by an Ayurvedic Chef. (Thursday dinner through Sunday breakfast) 

- A variety of five 60-75 minute yoga classes    

- One 90 minute Workshop  

- Intuitive Dance under the moon

- Ayurveda; the importance of routine, food as medicine and setting aspirations and goals 

- Pranayama and Meditation techniques 

- Hiking excursions

- Opening Fire Ceremony 

- Cacoa Ceremony 

- Free time to relax and rejuvenate or hike and explore

**Options for full body massage or guided hiking tours are available at an extra cost through the facility.  

Not Included:

-Cost for transportation (car pooling recommended!)  





This 3 night / 4 day retreat is set away in the Great Smokey Mountains, allowing us to disconnect in order to reconnect. The location gives us a chance to immerse ourselves in the simplicity of nature - giving us a break from our hectic lives while restoring and rejuvenating ourselves back to our center in order to discover our True Nature.

We will be learning and practicing Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation techniques, Yoga Philosophy, Ayurvedic food as medicine and the the importance of routine. In addition we will spend time journaling, hiking, adventuring, relaxing, and building intentional community; the feeling that life is best when shared.  

Getting deeper into the classes you will learn how to surrender to the flow in Vinyasa, discover freedom and discipline in Ashtanga, reconnect to your center through breath work and meditation, find peace and calmness within the simplicity of nature, practice gratitude for the food that nourishes you, and overcome obstacles that you are presented with on the mat and in life. 

This yoga retreat is a great opportunity for someone to move out of their comfort zone (where - let's face it - nothing exciting ever happens) and get to know themselves on a deeper level. As we begin to learn who we truly are and find more love and appreciation for ourselves we not only become stronger for us but also for others. This allows us to build a solid foundation for community; discovering we are better together. 


Three things you will get out of this retreat: 

* A deeper understanding of yoga as a whole, why we really practice and the community we build from it.

* A chance to be in the simplicity of the great outdoors with peace and quiet and connect to your True Nature, discovering who you really are the core of your being. 

* A reminder of what really matters to you at the end of day; how you want to feel as well as your values and intentions.



Seven Springs is a retreat center featuring seven natural springs on 126 acres of private land in the Foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains.

Six Residential Yurts
Each yurt is decorated with traditional textiles and artwork from the countries that our family frequents. The yurts are fully furnished including electricity and outlets. We use 100% organic cotton sheets and towels. Each yurt has fans for the heat and extra blankets for the cool nights. Scroll down to "Accommodations" to see the number of beds in each yurt.

Yoga Shala 
Standing 16 feet tall and 28 foot diameter, our yoga shala is held by mighty cedar tree poles from our forest. Enjoy glimpses of the first light of sunrise in this open air pavilion with a breathtaking view of the Chilhowee mountains. 

Fully Equipped Kitchen 
Magic is made in this kitchen to nourish your body, mind, and spirit!

Fire circle 
For nightly gathering or special ceremonies, this is a space to bring people together around the fire for music, celebration and camaraderie. 

Indoor classroom 
Our classroom is a 24’ yurt with a beautiful original labyrinth design on the floor, created to support experiential learning. The space is outfitted with whiteboards, electric outlets and lights. Flexible space for 10-15 yoga mats makes this an ideal place to learn, practice and design. 

Our bathrooms have water-saving flush toilets, sinks, and on-demand hot showers. 

Camping & Glamping 
We have several ideal camping spots along our creek. These are near the community kitchen and bathrooms. Our Glamping option includes a mattress, linens, and a lantern inside a spacious 13’ round tent.

A traditional 7 course labyrinth lies nestled within a natural bowl, shaded by old growth Elm trees. This recreation of ancient sacred sites is a powerful setting for walking (or running!) meditation and prayer. 

Natural Springs 
Walk along the creek that emerges from the head of Sweet Hollow. Drink pristine waters from a natural tap. At the head of the watershed, these forested slopes make for perfect aquifers. 

Oma’s Tea Garden 
In loving memory of the matriarch of Sweet Hollow, Ruth Hauth Long, Jessi’s grandmother. In “Oma’s house” tea was always to be enjoyed around 4pm with sweet rolls. This garden includes herbs and plants perfect for afternoon tea.

Traditional Cherokee Sweat Lodge 
This traditional lodge of woven from supple young Maple saplings was built by Frank Genovese, Yona FrenchHawk, Carolyn Little and their retreat members. The sweat ceremony as led by Yona reflects his full- blooded roots. As an elder of his communities, the stories and songs of his ancestors are woven into prayer in a compassionate cleansing experience.

Ample Onsite Parking 
Whether you’re staying for a night or a month, your car will be safe a 5 minute walk from your Yurt or campsite.



BYO Tents, Shared or Private Yurts
Must be paid in full by May 1, 2022.
*Payment plans

BYO Camping: $595/PP

(Bring your own set up from home.) 



Double Occupancy: $795/PP

Single Occupancy: $995 

(A yurt is a mix of a tent, hut and house. These are furnished with beds, linens, dressers, tables, lights, decor and electrical outlets.) 

Peru Shapibo: Four single beds - sleeps four people. **SOLD OUT

Crystal Palace: Three single beds - sleeps three people. ** ONE spot left, MEN ONLY

Guatemala Mayan: Two single beds - sleeps two people. **SOLD OUT

Mexico Zapoteca: One queen bed - sleeps one-two people. **SOLD OUT

Chilhowee Cherokee: One queen bed - sleeps one-two people. **SOLD OUT

Balinese: One Queen - sleeps one.


*Bathrooms are shared on site and fully equipped with toilet, sinks, and hot showers. 



See what they have to say:

Carole is a wonderful retreat leader. This was my third retreat with Carole and it won't be my last. I enjoy not only the physical yoga practice but also the ayerveda and sustainability education, the meditations and the breathing practices too. Carole can make a yoga class delightful for everyone, from beginners to the most experienced. She is considerate of everyone and goes with the flow of the group and is very flexible to arrange the day based on how everyone is feeling. This was my second year joining her at Seven Springs and I can't wait to go back next year!

Ferra Hoover

I have been a student of Carole’s since 2018! Her passion for sharing Yoga is what drew me in to begin my Yoga practice. Every practice she comes with a purpose and a message, I keep coming back. 😀

Carole’s retreats are AMAZING, I have participated in 2 retreats. She brings her PASSION, PURPOSE and MESSAGE much wider and deeper. Everybody gets filled and leaves feeling renewed and perhaps knowing themselves a little better. In addition friendships are made. 

I highly recommend experiencing Carole’s retreats! And if living in the Charlotte area taking her classes. 

Wade Nyquist

This retreat was more than I could have ever asked for. I was nervous as it was my first retreat but I connected with almost every person there having vulnerable conversations. I now have yoga friends and I couldn’t be more grateful<3

Kaili Prescott

For me, this retreat was perfect and I felt better leaving there; tired but strong and motivated! The schedule was packed in but thoughtfully. The fire ceremonies were great and offered a rest. All of the classes were so different and I got so much out of them. But it's not for the faint of heart! I also think it was a great amount of people and offered diversity. The food was amazing and exploring the property was cool too. I also liked the idea of a off campus hike and swim! I would definitely recommend Carole's retreats!

Sarah Ethier

Carole’s yoga retreats have been such a wonderful experience and getaway! The retreats offer so much more than yoga; such great company and activity. I should know as I’m trying to make my fourth in as many years. Carole has such a great way pulling together an itinerary that flows yet doesn’t feel too packed. Great yoga and related education coupled with great food and other non-yoga activities in a setting that’s been both fun and relaxing. I appreciate what you do Carole!

Michael Strange

My daughter and I have been on two of Carole Frey’s yoga retreats and they were wonderful experiences.  Carole is an incredible instructor and teacher, and the retreats really helped both of us expand our yoga practices, physically as well as mentally.  The retreats were both in unique and beautiful locations, with plenty of outdoor space for practicing and exploring.  Carole was very well organized and her teaching included diverse yoga practices, breathing techniques, and classes on yoga philosophy and history.  We made a lot of new friends and it really built a sense of community among the attendees and within our yoga studio.  I highly recommend Carole Frey’s yoga retreats to anyone, whether they are a beginner looking to learn more about yoga or an experienced yogi who wants to further their practice.

John Harris



All deposits are non-refundable.

Any cancellations done 31 days or more prior to retreat start date: The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. The balance (total cost minus the deposit) is not refundable, but it is transferable to future Freespiritedwanderer Retreats. 

Any cancellations done 30 days or less prior to retreat start date: All payments are non-refundable or non-transferable.

If you have additional questions and concerns, please email me: carole@freespiritedwanderer.com


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