A 10 Day Immersive Business Retreat

October 8-18, 2023
Hotel Tulsi, Pokhara, Nepal


….for the yoga teachers who want to confidently construct retreats and create business growth but don't know where to start...



Are you ready to join the revolution

​A revolution where yoga teachers take their future into their own hands. Where they are empowered to create a work-life balance, have control over their finances, be of service to others, and dedicate their heart and soul into a full time career. 

This revolution in business means stepping into a role of leadership in a way many haven’t seen before. You are paving the path of possibility for others. You are the yoga teacher who leads by example and others follow because they see, hear, understand and respect you.  

​Our world needs change, healing and nourishment. The more people we have following their heart and purpose with courage, clarity, love and personal power, the better our world will be. 

You are this change. 

The world needs you. 

We all need you.







Yoga Teacher Revolution is a 10 day immersive business retreat to help you:

  • Construct your own retreats 

  • Discover your personal mission

  •  Create & execute your vision clearly

  • Develop a launch strategy

  • Build & nurture student relationships

  •  Utilize tools to optimize and maximize your offering

  •  Feel confident, empowered and organized within your business



This desire to help fellow teachers create their own retreats and wellness businesses has been in my heart and mind since 2020. 


 I have been teaching yoga since 2014 and leading retreats since 2017. From the beginning, my goal and dream was to become a full-time yoga teacher, consciously running my own business in a way that would have a positive impact on this world. I have had a love for travel and culture since childhood; merging that love and passion with yoga to create my own retreats was an inevitable step for me. 

I have led multiple retreats within the U.S and internationally and within that time I have learned so much about myself, my business and what it takes to run a success retreat from start to finish. I would now like to pass this information onto you. Within Yoga Teacher Revolution, you are going to create your own conscious business following my proven strategies and formats.


I cannot wait to guide you through this transformational content and watch you step into the yoga teacher and conscious business owner you were destined to be.


I fell in love  with Pokhara, Nepal in 2014 during my first  200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training which I completed right at Hotel Tulsi!

I am so excited to share with you the lifestyle; the people, food, culture, pace of life, beauty and spirituality which all made me feel at home and exactly where I was meant to be. 

There is no better place in the world to embark on this journey, and I guarantee you will leave feeling a deep sense of purpose and self-fulfillment.

Pink Clouds Minimalist Notebook.png
Pink Clouds Minimalist Notebook.png


You will be experiencing a space where you are fully immersed in the business of retreats and gain first hand experience in creating your own retreat.  


If you want to run a successful business, you must begin with self-development and inner work; getting clear on who you are, what you desire, what is holding you back, and getting to know and love yourself on numerous other levels. This sets you up to run a soul-aligned, goal-aligned, prosperous business! Without first diving into the deep corners of your heart, you are more likely to feel unclear, uncertain and even lost on your entrepreneurial journey.


 This business retreat will emphasize that self-development and inner-work, right along with the tactical side of running a business; operations, management, marketing, strategy, client relations, sales and more.


Each day will consist of:

  • A variety of yoga practices for your own self-development and Sadhana

  • Discussion and Q&A sessions to find clarity and build confidence within your business

  • Working sessions to help you take action and receive feedback during our time together

  • Networking sessions so you can connect with the other like-hearted and minded beings on this journey

This business retreat will cover everything you need to lead a successful retreat and create business growth. You will walk away with a mission, strategy, organized operations and feel more than confident on how to execute your vision.


Topics Covered:

Each topic covered will be in the form of an interactive workshop or discussion.


  •  The Blueprint for Human Fulfillment;

    • Discovering pleasure, purpose, prosperity and freedom in your daily life so you can thrive.

    • The Four Levels of Desire

    • Goal Setting 

  • Your Core, A Limitless Being; 

    • Setting personal values, beliefs and intentions 

    • Building confidence, finding your voice, and nurturing your self-worth

    • Overcoming self-imposed barriers and learn how to move from a place of love rather than fear 

  • Sadhana:

    • Maintaining daily spiritual practices through Journaling, Mantras, Meditations, Breath work and Asana


  • Operations:

    • Vision, Values and Mission

    • Setting Your Business Pillars

    • Structure, Strategy, and Sales

  • Marketing:

    • Website Building 101

    • Social Media

    • Email Campaigns + List Building

    • Magnetic Energy 

  • Finances:

    • Pricing + Getting Paid

    • Money Management 

  • The Energy of Your Business:

    • Balancing Divine Feminine & Masculine Energies ​

    • Leadership

    • Communication

    • Building Trust with Clients



7:30-9:00am: Morning Yoga

9:15-10:15am: Breakfast

10:30-12:30: Business of Retreats (Lecture, Q&A)

1:00-5:00pm: Lunch & Free Time

5:00-7:00pm: Working Sessions / Networking

7:30-8:30pm: Dinner

9:00pm: Unwind; journal, read, relax, bed

**Free time suggestions: explore the beauty and culture of Pokhara, spend time with others, rest, read, journal or

Svadhyaya (self-study). 

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↠ 10 Day Accommodations + 3 Nepali Meals a Day

↠ Morning Yoga Practices; Asana, Meditation, Pranayama, Journaling

↠ The Business of Retreats; we will go over all elements that are needed to create, organize and run a retreat.

↠ Working Sessions; within these sessions you will begin to research and develop your own Signature Retreat.

↠ Networking, a chance to connect with the other like-minded & like-hearted beings in this space. Who knows, you may even meet your soul (biz) partner!

↠ Johnna Smith's Sadhana Journal to help you sustain your own spiritual practices

↠ 2 live virtual Q&A calls prior to the retreat in January & May of 2023. You will be asked to submit any questions you have on how to start or expand your yoga retreat business and I will answer them!


  • Flights

  • Transportation (however, it will be organized for you)

  • Additional food 

  • Alcohol

  • Tourist Visa + Passport fees


"Carole and I met in January 2022, and the level of knowledge, passion, and kindness she brings to the world of yoga is astounding. Trusting her beautiful soul to lead me on my first yoga retreat was a no brainer for me!​Carole knows how to deliver, and I cannot wait to take my next journey with her! So, what are you waiting for? Take that leap, and join her NOW!"

Garret Foster

"Carole’s extensive training, knowledge and life experiences shine through in everything she teaches. Carole shows up for her students as a friend, an equal and a wise and humble teacher. Carole is a beautiful soul both inside and out and I don’t believe this retreat would have been as meaningful for me if it weren’t for her."

Cindy Boes

"When I first experienced yoga with Carole, I knew she was wise beyond her years.  She embodies what she teaches. Her kindness and passion is infectious, and I am always grateful for anytime I get to spend with her. I always come away inspired."

Melanie Seeley

"Carole’s yoga retreats have been such a wonderful experience and getaway! The retreats offer so much more than yoga; such great company and activity. I should know as I’m trying to make my fourth in as many years. Carole has such a great way pulling together an itinerary that flows yet doesn’t feel too packed.  I appreciate what you do Carole!"

Mike Strange


Secure your spot with a
$515 non-refundable deposit


Each room is designed to the feel of  Nepali culture; preserving and showcasing the diversity of our country.

All rooms were renovated in 2020 and have a private bathroom, safe, closet and chairs.