Free Spirited Wanderer acknowledges that it can be a difficult time to travel due to some covid-19 regulations. These tips, protocols and special policies are to keep you safe and offer you peace of mind during 2021 travel.

A message from the retreat center, Amansala regarding their covid-19 precautions:

For Amansala, we have been increasing our maintenance staff to support enhanced frequency of cleaning and disinfecting. 

Every piece of equipment used in Group Fitness classes will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between each class. We encourage our guests to bring their own yoga mats, however if you are not comfortable to travel with a yoga mat, we will have mats available onsite.  We will give you a mat for the week and it is your mat for the week and you will return it at check out.  We have a natural yet powerful mat spray made of Copper Ions, Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Oil. 

Hand sanitizers will be installed throughout the resort. 

Social distancing in the lobby areas and during the check in process.  We use What's App as our main source of communication to avoid direct face to face contact with our staff and keep everyone safe. 

Restaurant tables and beach beds will be separated with a safe space so people can enjoy the beach without worry.

Travel Protocols:

  • Masks must be worn in airports and on airplanes. *Please note, some shops in Tulum may require them; however, Amansala does not. 

  • A negative covid test is required by the USA before returning on a plane home. 

    • We will take our tests at Amansala. There are two options, PCR which takes 24 hours to get results and costs $135 or Antigen test takes 1 hour to receive results and costs $85.* I will also look into the at home tests as an option. 

  • WORST CARE SCENARIO: If you receive a positive test, Amansala has rooms available for you at a deeply discounted rate + $65 a day for meals to stay until you are able to travel. *Please note Free Spirited Wanderer / Carole Frey is not liable for any covid quarantine or additional costs aside from what’s included within this retreat.

Travel Tips:

  • I would highly recommend buying a ‘flexible’ plane ticket or double checking that you can make changes to any booking. This will prepare you for worst case scenarios and secure you in having a flight credit for future use. 

  • I would also recommend TRAVEL INSURANCE. Here is some information on different travel insurances that are best for covid. 

  • Travel Insurance for Covid Quarantine

  • Travel Insurance for Covid (general)



1. If we are unable to travel during November 15-20, 2021 due to covid-19 travel restrictions, the retreat will be moved to a new date in 2022 and all of your payments will transfer over. If you are unable to make the new date, you will receive a full refund. 

2. If you are diagnosed with Covid two weeks prior to Nov 14, 2021 and cannot travel, Amansala will provide you with a credit to their center. I, Free Spirited Wanderer LLC will also provide you with a credit to any retreat in 2022. *I have three retreats in 2022 that are in the works so there will be options! OR this is where travel insurance would be useful. 


(this policy will apply if there are no travel restrictions and / or you do not have covid) 

​All deposits are non-refundable.

Any cancellations done 31 days or more prior to retreat start date: The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. The balance (total cost minus the deposit) is not refundable, but it is transferable to future Free Spirited Wanderer Retreats. 

Any cancellations done 30 days or less prior to retreat start date: All payments are non-refundable or non-transferable.

Further questions or concerns? Email me below.